On-Purpose Goalsetting

Every year we do a ritual New Year resolutions and On-Purpose Goalsetting. But mostly nothing changes from year too year.

You are probably living a life that was proscribed for you by others. Time to get your own wishlist.

This post on a 75 year Harvard study shows what makes a successful life

Kevin McKarthy says this…

Is Your Life Filled, Yet Unfulfilled?

Do you feel pulled in a thousand different directions?
Are your days so busy you hardly have time to think?
Are you living up to other people's expectations while your own plans and dreams go unmet?
In The On-Purpose Person you'll learn how to discover who you are, where you are headed, what you should do, and what's most important to you! That's being on-purpose!

Tap Into Your Highest Potential With The On-Purpose Person

Nothing adds more fullness and meaning to your life than discovering your purpose and living it out every moment of your life. With The On-Purpose Person, you'll be on your way to greater order and clarity within 30 minutes of picking up the book. This entertaining story format provides clear principles that are easy to apply to everyday life. You'll put them into practice immediately. Regardless of whether you're in your teens or well into retirement, being on-purpose will inspire and guide you to live true to yourself.

"Goals are consumable. Purpose is permanent," states Kevin W. McCarthy. The On-Purpose Person moves you beyond the surface of life to what matters most so you can make a difference.

Your ‘Why’ is frequently not your why but one you have bought into. The words may be the same but have no passion unless it springs from within.

Dig deep take your time to make your On-Purpose Goalsetting work

Make a list of what you want to achieve in the 3 areas to start. Relationship, Health and Wealth.

Here is the process...

Use 3 sheets of paper marked Relationship, Wealth and Health

Write until you are drained of inspiration. Do it again tomorrow. This will allow you to get past immediate needs and onto purpose.

Next day pair each item on a page and decide which you want more. Like a tennis tournament till you have one winner.

Then do the same from the 3 page winners.

Now you will have the 'Thing' that should have most of your attention.

The book, On-Purpose Person has 8 areas and I recommend that you get it to experience the process at least once.

If an item on your wishlist is what you think you should include, it will be unlikely that you will achieve it without struggle.

It is good to get it out and on paper. It fact, if someone says the words of a goal and you agree with them, to the degree that you did not originate the desire yourself, that will cause struggle and separation.

If you have done this before, expect to see some changes. Maybe less wants for yourself and more for others. That is totally OK as we give to others from our abundance, not our lack.

Just do the process and all will be well. It is all a ‘Game in Progress’ and when the process is successful, expect changes. I do it around Christmas most years.

When you have a full list you will need to have a way to sort out what you really want to create from maybe 30+ desires in each area - Relationship, Health and Wealth.

You can read the first chapters on Amazon by clicking the ‘Look Inside’ button.

In the book, Kevin gives 8 areas of life to explore. To get the full experience, get the book on Amazon

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