About Us

Like most people my age, I had a lithe healthy body as a boy and young adult. I didn’t even notice, I could do anything and eat anything. I started to be interested in my health at 18 and started taking vitamins and minerals. I was an early adopter of clean living, finding my way. I married and had 4 kids and became vegetarian for 20 years to please my wife. My near fatal belief was that fruit juice was ‘natural’ and OK. And more was better. So I gradually lost that beautiful body. I became very anti-medicine until I had a heart attack a while ago when I learned that doctors are very good at keeping people alive. Now I am developing my own PlanB which includes pharma, nutritionals, exercise, meditation and cell regrowth. I am on a mad quest to regrow my heart and Claim My Life Back. Share in my journey of experience and build your own unique PanB.
‘What does this food/exercise/thought do in this body today? - ’Lloyd Herewini