3 Daily Steps To Glowing Health


Your thoughts and attitude pervade your life and body 24hrs a day. Take charge of your health by creating the best environment...

Food As Medicine


Consume the best fuel for your healing...

Regain Youthful Energy


Enjoy tuning your body like a fine instrument. Increase your immunity

"Claim Your Life Back Monthly" will give you all the information, tips, tricks and hacks you need to reclaim all your youthful vigor and energy that you used creating your life.

As a Member, Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Discover:

How to safely add natural methods to your doctor prescriptions

◆ How to understand your body’s needs as they change while you heal
◆ Create a new and more vital sprit, mind and body partnership
◆ How to understand those aches and pains. Which ones to ignore and which to act on.
◆ When to use budget methods and when to splash out for the best.
◆ How and when to safely blend mainstream and alternative methods for best results

My reasons for publishing PlanB Health are because it was nagging me to come out. I am not particularly smart but I have made lots of mistakes and learned from them. I followed various health regimes since I was 18 and only stuck with those that were working for me until they didn’t.

The medical explanation never stacked up for me. Things like genes, family history etc sounded more like an excuse for ‘more ‘research’ that caused begging to governments and charities to allow nerds to be paid to hang out in laboratories. Think Corona.

So much money leads to temptation.

I became very cynical till I had a heart attack when I found that doctors were very good at one thing. Keeping people alive. They don't claim to cure or prevent any disease. They are even pretty average to diagnosing, because they are wedded to symptoms and suppressing them with side-affect prone drugs. Thank you doctors for keeping me alive.

Natural therapies are not much better for the same reasons, minus the side effects. They don't fight against the body’s natural healing abilities in the same way. It is really hard to overdose yourself with ‘comfrey tea’, for instance, but if you work hard at it…

The body is a moving target (the mind, even more so) and that is why PlanB was developed. I will not force any ideas on you but will challenge you to find out what works for you and your circumstance. Everything from meditation, exercise and food. Think, Eat, Do.

When You Join This Amazing Community, Here’s What You’ll Get:

◆ Expert interviews from the worlds smartest wellness innovators
◆ Downloadable guides with our instant energy boosting solutions
◆ Cutting edge body “hacks”
◆ Videos to make your PlanB journey easier
◆ Our cutting edge course on affordable body-friendly fitness hacks

Why include meditation you ask? Your thoughts pervade your body every second of your life. The study of epigenetics says that we are not the slaves to our genes but master of them. Think, Eat, Do.

I encourage you to find a doctor to support you or find another one that will. I will introduce you to doctors and amateur experts for you to explore and see what works for you.

If you follow the process, I guarantee you will be more in control of your health and life. You will feel more confident when dealing with your doctor, family and situation.

Here’s Why You’ll Want to Join Us Today:

◆ Get started for as little as $1
◆ You’ll immediately get access to our gentle exercise guides
◆ You will go on a journey to discover your unique body and its needs
◆ You’ll enjoy being part of our amazing community of wellness enthusiasts from around the world

If you hurry, you can have compete access to create your own Health PlanB for just $1 for 10 days.

The reason I am offering this at a ridiculously low price is I want to put things in perspective.

It is not pharmacy versus natural medicines. It is about them being different things for different applications.

Because you are not getting any younger, you must act now to claim your life back and enjoy a more energetic life.

Take advantage of my years of experimenting on myself a see what works for you. Shortcut the time that you take and save years and dollars.

Imagine being old and stuck in an old folks home. Eating mince and carrots most days. Being with ‘Old’ people. Now imagine living independently hanging out with fresh young minded friends and living a healthy lifestyle. Which is in your future?

How can you create the future that will be most fulfilling? You need a PlanB or you wouldn’t be here. Discover what works for your body to increase youthful energy, faster metabolism, powerful immunity like you were in your 30’s again.

Invest a buck to begin your journey to more independence and personal power and get ‘Your PlanB Health Guide’ valued at $34.95 plus 10 days full access to ‘Claim Your Life Back Monthly’ valued at $24.95, all for $1.

The potential is huge to claim back your life and live the way you want. More energy. Stronger immunity and more Funner. (I made that word up)

‘What does this food/exercise/thought do in this body today? - ’Lloyd Herewini

Your PlanB Health Guide


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Your PlanB Health Guide & Claim Your Life Back Monthly

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Claim Your Life Back Monthly

$24.95 / Month

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What Members Are Saying:

I no longer have sore calves when I get
back from work and my energy levels have also increased.

- Ray Ives

As you can see, this is a big difference for me and I am loving it. It was seeing my sister Mary when she came over here, and how much had changed with her, that made me look seriously

- Coleen Pearson

Over time I also noticed that the pain and inflammation I used to experience almost daily had reduced significantly. This allowed me to get back in the gym and start on a rehab protocol which allowed me to concentrate on getting my body strong again.

- Sharon Richards


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